HDL Hotel Solutions
At the heart of your hotel.

From check in to check out, a hotel guest must only ever experience the very highest levels of comfort, service, and convenience. To make this a reality, HDL has developed a range of automation solutions designed specifically for hotels.

At HDL we believe that technology should work behind the scenes, so that guests and staff are provided with solutions which simply work.

With an automated hotel, staff work load can be reduced so that resources can be redistributed towards a hotel’s primary focus, guest satisfaction.

The reception is often the first part of a hotel seen by a guest, because of this creating a welcoming atmosphere is crucial. Through carefully controlling lighting and HVAC, HDL is able to ensure that your hotel always makes a lasting first impression.

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Hallways & stairwells
Hallways and stairwells are essential to any hotel, and although only briefly occupied, can contribute significantly to a building’s overall energy expenditure. With HDL’s extensive range of on demand lighting solutions, lighting fixtures can be turned off or dimmed when a hallway is unoccupied, and return to their normal operational state when approached by a guest or a member of staff.

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Whether it’s a swimming pool, a gym, a spa, or a sauna, HDL can create a solution to automate everything from water temperature to air conditioning. Regardless of a hotel’s size, or resources, HDL can design a custom management system which increases both guest comfort and energy efficiency.

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Back of house
HDL can automate more than just guest rooms and public areas. Able to be integrated into kitchens, offices, launderettes, and utility areas HDL enables whole hotel efficiency to be accomplished. With a wide range of sensors and interfaces, any area can be fully automated.

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Guest rooms
The focus of a hotel should be its guest rooms, that’s why HDL has developed a range of solutions which can create a truly luxurious guest room experience. Encompassing audio, shading, lighting, appliances, heating, cooling, and service requests HDL puts the guest first

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Car parks
Car parks require precise management if a safe and secure environment is to be maintained. HDL solutions can monitor air quality, control ventilation systems, and be integrated with 3rd party security systems like electronic gates and CCTV cameras.

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